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We offer our clients different options to promote their hotel or tours with us!

Take advantage of the particular presentation opportunities at

There are many eclectic options available. For example:

1. Front Page Appearance

Front page gets the maximum exposure. Display your hotel on the front page of our website to get the maximum publicity of your hotel or tour. (4 slot only)

2. Front Page Top Deal

Get a large photo of your hotel advertised on our front page as a last minute deal to get the maximum exposure with an attraction. (1 slot only)

3. Side Menu Top Deals

Your Hotel appear on the side bar when people navigate to different pages ion E.g. If someone search your city, your hotel will appear on the side menu, displaying as the hotel in the city. (4 slots only)

4. Priority in Searches

When someone searches a city or location, with a Priority in Searches option, your hotel will come at the top of the search.

Please Contact Us to subscribe for any of the above.

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