Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have entered the dates of your stay, rates will be clearly shown next to each hotel and available room types.
We spend a lot of time talking to hotels to make sure they give us better prices than you can find anywhere else. When we're confident that you can't find a better price anywhere else online, you'll see the "Best Price" icon next to the hotel.
For many hotels, yes. Wherever you see the option "book now", pay when you want! you can make the reservation on but you do not need to pay until you get to the hotel, where you can pay cash. If you would rather pay by card, choose "Pay Now" when you make your booking and you can make full payment through our secure online payment provider.
Absolutely. We offer two options for payments, depending on the individual hotel. If you choose "pay now" you make a secure online transaction between you and Trekkso. We never send your credit card details to the hotel. If you choose "pay later at the hotel" then you pay the hotel directly when you arrive – no need to share any card details online whatsoever.
Once you have made a booking, we do a final check with the hotel that they can take that booking. Once they have confirmed you will receive another email entitled Booking successful! Once you receive this confirmation email, it means that the booking is 100% confirmed and the room is yours!
The price shown on the website is the total price you pay for your accommodation. If a hotel ever asks you to pay hidden charges in the form of credit card fees, taxes etc, tell us and we will make sure you are refunded (and have some strong words with that hotel!). Unless clearly stated on your booking, the price does not include drinks, activities etc. Meals are included according to the type of board offered in your booking (bed only: no meals, bed and breakfast: breakfast is included, half board: two meals are included, full board: all meals are included).
At Trekkso we pride ourselves on our customer service. By dealing with us and letting us do the talking to the hotels it means you always know what to expect. We deal with problems like language barriers so nothing gets lost in translation.
Easy! Simply log in to your account on Go to My account, then click My bookings. For each upcoming booking you have made you will be given options to cancel or change the booking online. If you’d prefer, simply call our customer service and one of our representatives will be happy to help you out. Remember that hotels have cancellation policies so depending on when you book you may not get a full refund. You can view the cancellation policy for each hotel before you make a booking.
As a Trekkso partner, you will benefit from new and incremental business and unmatched exposure as on average, more than 53 thousand travelers come to Trekkso site every month. Hotels that join the Trekkso group also benefit from market through our facebook and social media sites.
Click 'Add your Business' on the bottom of the page to register free and connect with a Trekkso representative who can work with you to get all of your property information, room types, and rate plans into our system so travelers can start booking your rooms through our website.