Our Affiliate Programs

Trekkso.com is designed to help hotels and tour companies to market themselves amongst the tourists from within Pakistan and all over the world. It provides them the capability to present their facilities and services to their clients in a beautiful and comprehensive way without going through the hassle of managing their own systems.

In addition to a comprehensive travel website with efficient searches, Trekkso.com also provides a fully functional Online Booking and Payment System as well as a Back-End Reservation Management Software for its clients to enter and manage their inforamtion themselves, in a best possible manner.

Clients can select from our different affiliate programs as per their needs!

1. Register for Free

Register and enter information about your hotel or tours. Enter as much information as you would like including high resolution photographs, facilities, types of rooms and their charges as well as payment types and policies, terms and conditions, etc.

Trekkso provides a beautiful compilation of places to visit in Pakistan, from Himalayas and Concordia Peaks to various Cities and Towns, and guides tourists on how to get there (tours) and where to stay (hotels and rest houses.) Hotels and tour companies who register with us are accessible to thousands of visitors who search for these places.

Its all Free! Click here to register!

2. Online Booking & Payment System

Trekkso.com provides all the hotels and tour companies registered on its website with the capability to offer Online Booking and Payment facility to their clients.

We provide fully automated system, where you just have to register and enter information about your property, services and relevant charges, and you will be all set to receive your bookings and payments online. Millions of travellers use this type of online travel bookings and payment systems all over the world, but in Pakistan, we still lag behind.

Trekkso.com has developed this system to equip Pakistani hotels and tour companies with this New-Age technique to reach clients all over the world at all times. It is proven to be a very successful technique in terms of increasing clientele, as people tend to make decisions better when all the options are available to them and they can finalize things right away. Guests truly appreciate being offered the opportunity to book a room directly with a fast, easy and mobile friendly booking engine.

We provide both the options of either Trekkso managing your online payments or you doing it yourself. With Trekkso, you will also have the option of receiving online payments through Credit Cards, which is very useful for international visitors.

Please Contact Us to sign up for our Online Booking and Payment system.

3. Reservation Management System

Once you start getting bookings online, it is quite difficult to manage them manually. Trekkso.com has developed a comprehensive back-end "Reservation Management System" to help the hotels and tour companies to manage their daily Front-Desk and Point-of-Sale operations seamlessly. Our objective is to offer a simple and easy-to-use software at a low price, which fills the needs of small and medium-sized hotels and similar businesses.

With Trekkso.com, you can not only receive bookings online, but also manage the whole back-end administration process. For example, bookings are automatically inserted into your "Reservation Management System" for your staff to handle check-ins, check-outs and payments, and availability is updated accordingly on the Trekkso website.

Because you can access Trekkso.com from anywhere, anytime, you are not tied to your reception desk. You can login from anywhere via the internet. Whether you are using a laptop at home, an iPad or your smart-phone, Trekkso.com gives you unprecedented access in order to control and run your property.

4. Your own Website Interface

Would you like to stand out amongst the rest?

Sign up for our "Website Interface" program and we will display your hotel like your independent website, fully customised to your hotel website brand.

Your colors! Your photos!

People will have a look and feel of your website while they will review your hotel's or tour's information.

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